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Submitted on
March 17, 2012
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        "PEWDIE! I TOLD YOU TO RUN YOU IDIOT!" Stephano could barely breathe, Pewdie's hand crushing his small statue abdomen as he ran screaming. The Bro was catching up to them at an alarming rate, his erratic grunts and huffs of joy from the chase increasing as the duo came closer to his grip. Pewdie stopped a large maroon door in front of him locked. He looked down at Stephano, who was still trying to gasp for air. He pulled the key hastily out of his bag and tears welled up in his eyes.  "I have to leave you here for now Stephano I hope you will be- AHHHHH!!" Pewdie dropped both Stephano and the key onto the floor just as the Bro swiped his claws across his innocent face. He always preferred his rape victims unconscious.

"GO PEWDIE! I will fend him off while you escape!" Stephano then shifted into his human form, his golden clothes glimmering in the faint candle light and he yanked his sword from its holster. He's made the Bro leave before and he's sure he can do it again. Pewdie fumbled for the key, his one eye that's been clawed out making it difficult to try to find it. He could hear snorts, grunts and roars from Bro as him and Stephano duel it out just a few feet from him. He finally found the key on the floor and picked it up, struggling to put it in the key hole. He looked back at his Egyptian friend, who was a French man anyway, and ran through the door, shutting it on the other side.

Pewdie sighed as he heard the click of the door and rested his head against it. "I'm safe," Pewdie babbled and muttered, trying to gain his sanity back. "I'm safe from the Bro." He turned around and screamed like a girl, the sight of a naked man draped over a chair. Pewdie fell backwards screaming just when the naked man vanished from sight. "TELEPORTING NAKED GUYS! MR. CHAIR! HOW COULD YOU?!" He stood up and grabbed the chair that the naked guy was in, a simple chair with dark green cushions.

"It wasn't me Pewdie! It was the Bro's fault! He just wants to get in your pants is all! I swear Pewdie!" Mr. Chair pleaded and begged while Pewdie shook him viciously for the scare. He threw the chair across the room and it landed with a thump on the ground, sliding into the wall back first. Mr. Chair soon shifted into a young man with a Green Beret hat, matching shirt, and dark brown kakis. He almost seems like he was the man who knew everything, but he was more on the lines of a suck up. "OW! Pewdie! Was that really necessary! And what happened to your… Your face!" He walked up to the Swedish man and held his face, inspecting the deep gashes across his eye and cheek.
"It was just the Bro, Mr. Chair. I need some laud-nad-aba-danum, but I don't have any..."

"Pewdie, its pronounced laudanum, and I will find you some and I will make you better." Mr. Chair went to lay Pewdie on the bed that was in the room but a white hand grabbed his shoulder.

"I will take care of him. After all, I always carry laudanum since Pewdie is an accident prone." Pewdie looked up in joy to see his French Egyptian friend standing there without a scratch on him. He always thought of Stephano to be a tough man, even if he was a five inch tall statue the majority of the time. Pewdie pulled from Mr. Chair's grasp and hugged Stephano so tight they nearly fell over. Stephano patted Pewdie's head. "Open your mouth," Stephano said as he pulled the small bottle of laudanum from his pocket, popping the cork. Pewdie opened his mouth the best he could and Stephano poured it into his mouth. He smiled as he heard the gulp and sighed. "Let's lay you down so you can rest while it heals."

"Stephano, you know the side effects are drowsiness and long hours of sleep." Mr. Chair always wanted to be the one who took care of Pewdie or be there to protect him, but all he really knew was chair mode. He sighed and walked back to the corner of the room, going back to his chair stature and sat there, stiff and solid like a normal chair should be. Stephano picked up the sore Swedish man and carries him to the bed. He laid Pewdie down and he grabbed Stephano's hand.

"Don't walk away please. I need you to protect me Stephano." The French man smiled and sat beside him. "I won't leave Pewdie. Now rest." Pewdie sighed and closed his good eye, falling asleep. Stephano grinned watching him sleep and blushed, thinking about all the things he and Pewdie have gone through. Stephano didn't want to admit it, but he loved Pewdie more than a bro. He wanted this Swedish man, but with his girlfriend he could only remain at a bro status. He brushed Pewdie's golden blond hair from his face and watched the claw marks across his eye and cheek start to fade away. He laid down beside Pewdie and draped an arm above his head and closed his eyes.

When Stephano woke again he blinked shocked, realizing that he was chained in a jail cell in his statue form. He looked up hearing a growl and spotted the jail guard, a faceless monster with a mouth for a head and a wooden plank for an arm glaring down at the small statue. Stephano glared back as he tried leap for the guard to no avail. The monster let out a choked laughter and turned around to lean against the cell. Stephano sighed, realizing that he couldn't shift human or he'll run the risk of the small chains cutting his foot or leg off. He rested his arms, dropping the sword beside his feet and closed his eyes. Pewdie, he thought to himself. Pewdie you better not be dead by the time I find my way out of here..."

Pewdie groaned, waking up from his long slumber and sat up on the bed. He blinked in shock as the bed faced down a long corridor with doors on either side of the halls. "S-stephano?"Pewdie called. He climbed off the bed and looked around, feeling the spot where the cut marks should be. "Stephano where did you go, I need you!" He stopped at the foot of the bed, picking up the lantern, oil, and all the laudanum someone had left for him. He doubted that Stephano would have done it because he knew Stephano would be there for him for a lifetime. He lit his lantern and looked down the halls with a sigh. He knew what was waiting for him, but he didn't know when, or who was truly going to come out at him to bring the biggest scare of his life.
Well here it is. The beginning of my PewDiePie Fan Fiction :) I have had it typed out for a long time and now here it is. I hope you bros enjoy it! Let me know if i should continue onto Chapter two or not.
for those who don't know who PewDiePie is I advise you to check out the following link below:



CH 2: [link]
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Punkichi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So amazing! loving it so far!
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I freaking love your work.. Reading it for the billion time. And my friend loves it too c: Even though she doesn't agree with the stephanoxpewdie XD Love your work :iconpinkheartplz:
GothicSparrowLove Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :heart: the more fans give me better insperation to write.
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TheFleave Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
it was so amazing ;___;
Pewdiepiefanftw Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
He always preferred his rape victims unconscious
GothicSparrowLove Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, you know its true XD why else would they wake up not remembering what happened! (i like your pic btw. silly Ruben)
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